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Great art, great music. Brings back memories of a.... you guessed it.... great game.

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I'm generally not a graphics-whore and just take animation quality as it comes, but WOW did you put a lot of effort into the animation quality here, it's AMAZING for an NG flash. Not to mention very strong voice acting and a quirky story... although I think it would have been better if the *real* monster had scared them both, but hey great job with this.

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I have a pretty reasonable sense of humor... but that 9/11 was of pretty poor taste. But then again, I would hardly expect Newgrounders to understand that. The best joke was robin hood by far.

Although I wish you did more with Navi instead of exact same lines.

DannyP responds:

Poor taste, indeed. It was a sorta lazy/rushed/thiskindathingreallydoesn ttakethatmucheffort kinda project, but yeah, Navi probably could've had some better involvement. Though you are the first to really mention that (other than people calling Navi annoying), so it's sorta too bad you didn't provide some sort of example. It's too late for this movie and all, but I keep suggestions in mind for future projects.

Can't believe this isn't more popular!

Funny take on the classic concept, and with good voice acting and funny dialogue what's not to like?

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Outstanding Presentation

of a simple, but well-executed and well-spoken story. Many a storywriter could learn from you.

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The last joke

Was by far the best. Haha


Simple, but well executed.

Informative parody is informative

Despite this being a parody... this comes a bit closer to the truth than many FPS gamers might like to believe.

Very Emotional

The heart of a true musician is one that can only be expressed by his music.

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Excellent story

Was I the only one who was reminded of the game "mother 3" while watching this? Not sure if the author had it in mind or not, but it reminded me of that sad, sad game. Really well done, another more artistic over violent piece.

Shows us that saving our loved ones is just as important as beating the bad guys.

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