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Great art, great music. Brings back memories of a.... you guessed it.... great game.

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I'm generally not a graphics-whore and just take animation quality as it comes, but WOW did you put a lot of effort into the animation quality here, it's AMAZING for an NG flash. Not to mention very strong voice acting and a quirky story... although I think it would have been better if the *real* monster had scared them both, but hey great job with this.

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I have a pretty reasonable sense of humor... but that 9/11 was of pretty poor taste. But then again, I would hardly expect Newgrounders to understand that. The best joke was robin hood by far.

Although I wish you did more with Navi instead of exact same lines.

DannyP responds:

Poor taste, indeed. It was a sorta lazy/rushed/thiskindathingreallydoesn ttakethatmucheffort kinda project, but yeah, Navi probably could've had some better involvement. Though you are the first to really mention that (other than people calling Navi annoying), so it's sorta too bad you didn't provide some sort of example. It's too late for this movie and all, but I keep suggestions in mind for future projects.

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I know to you as a developer, this sounds like a lame excuse, but your game is simply unacceptably slow early on, even for a JRPG. I want to like your game, I really do, but you give me nothing besides story early. The random encounters are so frequent, the character's movement speed is so slow, the character's can do nothing besides basic attacks, the enemies take so many hits....this all just conpounds on each other to take the fun out of your game. If you had just one of two of these, it would be forgiveable, but will all of these plaguing your game, at least initially, it makes it a chore to play.

So far I liked the dialogue, and I'm going to guess that the game's strength lies in the story and characters more than the combat system, and while that might be true, story needs good gameplay to keep the player interested. A game needs an almost impossibly good story to keep the player going when gameplay is as boring as it is in this game, and the story isn't that good.

I like most of it except for including Circle Collision instead of Box Collision. That single-handedly ruins any fun I might have had from the game. It's not a bad game at all, but I cannot have fun when I land on a platform and then immediately fall off AFTER I successfully landed on it.

Level 23...Just destroyed me! Loved the game though, really nice example of a game with a smooth difficulty scale. Starting out very, very easy and ending up quite challenging.

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I love the spacey themes to it. Would you be cool if I put this track in my space defense game? You'll get credit of course.

DrClay responds:

Of course.

I absolutely love this piece. I was planning on using it in the final revelation of our game's story. Would that be cool with you?

Hey I was hoping to use this piece in a game that I am working on as a school project. I would credit you and we would use it in the epic plot reveal room.

Sheodon responds:

Sure, since it's non-commercial using and you asked for permission, feel free to use it! However, I want you to send me the result. I always like to see how other people used my work! :)

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